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Memorable quotes
"How dare you falsely say my OTP is canon!" - Secret Post #1061
"It's not easy having a good time!" - Dr. Frank N. Furter
"Do not meddle in the affairs of slashers, for you are cute, and would look good with another guy." - Scribe
"A man is to be cheated into passion, but to be reasoned into truth." - John Dryden
"But anyway, let’s not get too technical for this story. Just enjoy the smut." - ZaKai Stonewall
"he looks like a silver platter of vanilla surfer-and-pheromone mousse with whipped cream and a slightly used cherry" - J. Hajicek
"MarySue stared at him. “ZOMGEDWARD?”" - rocketlaunching
"Like little disco balls with tails of FIRE!" - stoney321
"Ejaculations aside, that's one hell of a package to swallow!" - Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine: outtakes
"The better to give you Pleasures with, my dear." - lunabee34
"For God's sake Hathers, just stick it in!" - Laurence Fox
"Unintended double entendre is unintended, and awesome." - The Black Rider
"Fear the magical yet terrifying power of the fangirls!" - SpiffilyCrazy
"Literal thinking!" - Ricky, by beedekka
"It’s a genre of sexual subjectification: the very opposite of objectification. It’s benefits with friendship.” - Francesca Coppa: The Fanfiction Reader

"Too much porn? What's that mean?
It's like too much money, there's no such thing.
It's like a word's too pretty, or a joke too crass.
Being too lucky or writin' too fast.
Readers may snicker, critics may scorn
But I ain't never read too much porn." - wendelah1

"dwg: I would use "nounslut" as a handle somewhere because I do love words so much. I AM GOING TO VERB YOUR NOUNS SO HARD, I HAVE BIG ADJECTIVES OF MANY SYLLABLES, AND YOU'RE GONNA TAKE 'EM, UNF, YES!

"He passes the supreme test of being rereadable. I don't know how many times I have reread the Wolfe stories, but plenty. I know exactly what is coming and how it is all going to end, but it doesn't matter. That's writing." - P.G. Wodehouse

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Info about me and this journal can be found in my Welcome Post. I also mod and maintain nordic_noir, nordic_fan_news and boy_touching. You are welcome to check out my AO3 account and especially my rec archive there: Koe’s House of Recommended Slash Fiction where I rec other peoples great, fantastic and genius stories.

Useful links for Nordic fans (Nyttige lenker for nordiske fans)
Being Nordic in a mostly English world of fandom can sometimes be a lonely experience. How do one for example get a beta for a non-English story? Meld deg inn i scandafandom og diskuter fandom-relaterte saker på skandinavisk! Eller sjekk ut Nordic Fandom News - A central point for Nordic fan-news. Ser deg der? Flott!

Æh, vi tar ett sitat til, siden dette er MIN bio: "(...) og hun bare ÆÆÆH KOE HAR KOMMENTERT, HUN ER LIKSOM NORSK SLASHQUEEN!! xD" - scabby_foot XDDD

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